Crazy Picture Lady

Crazy Picture Lady

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Newborn Shadow Boxes

I've been holding onto stuff from when my kids were born because I knew I eventually wanted to do something with them.  I saw a post on pinterest to put it all in a shadow box, so that was what I did today.  I made a stop at hobby lobby this morning, and got 2 16x20 shadowboxes (normally $35 each, but were 50% off this week).  The unfinished wooden letters were also on sale (30% off), so I picked up a "K" and a "P".
Supplies that I had to buy

I ended up needing other supplies that I already had, including white paint for the letters, black cardstock paper for the backing, scrapbook paper for the pictures, and sewing pins to hold things in their places.  Here are the finished products.

Both of them had the bands from the hospital in them
Kemper's hat he wore in the hospital
Footprints from the hospital 

Piper's headband and picture from her newborn photo shoot (Unfortunately the flower on it fell off and was lost)

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