Crazy Picture Lady

Crazy Picture Lady

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Family Yearbooks

Here is finally one idea I had actually started doing before I saw it on pinterest.  I take a few pictures of my kids...ok so a "few" might be a tad of an understatement.  I take a TON of pictures throughout the year, especially during holidays or special events, but also of everyday fun.  I used to love to scrapbook, but after I had the kids, it became a pain in the butt to try to scrapbook, while keeping them out of my scrapbooking stuff.  I started to use shutterfly for my photobooks, mainly because that is where all of my pictures are stored online anyway, but mostly because I get a lot of them for free from Pamper's Gifts to Grow program.  My whole family, including the husband, love to sit down and look at these all of the time.  Since my kids are death on books, I keep them out of their reach, and they can only look at them if I'm holding the book and turning the pages.

Pamper's Gifts to Grow

My sister introduced me to the pamper's gifts to grow reward program after my daughter was born.  If you buy pamper's products, you might have notice the little stickers in the inside of the bags or on each of the individual bags if you get a box.  Each sticker has a 15 digit code on them which are worth a certain amount of points, depending on the product.  All you have to do is register for the program at and start entering GTG codes (there is even an app for it).  The more codes you enter, the more points you'll earn, which you can use to redeem for varies rewards.  The main reason I love it, is because they are partnered with shutterfly, so many of the rewards are for shutterfly products.  Not only do you earn points toward rewards from the codes, but you also will receive emails from pampers every so often with a code for a certain free shutterfly product just for being in the program (as long as you are entering GTG codes every month).

A few of my free products I have gotten from Pamper's Gifts to Grow